British Open: Lee Westwood plans to make golf history with Helen Storey, his girlfriend as his caddie

Lee Westwood recalls the memory of his girlfriend Helen Storey to be his caddie for the first time at a Professional tournament which was at 2018’s Made In Denmark, very fondly.

Westbrook, on his first wing of the tournament, took out one big chunk of the turf. After this swing, Helen Storey took out a big slab of grass and places it on the turf to fill that divot mark.

Westwood says as he demonstrates his palm out and away from his body, “She is walking back with divot like this.”

Westwood asked her what was wrong with the grass and she replies, ‘I hope there is no worm in it.”

Westwood smiled back as he recalls their first working relationship now their relationship is now again at play at this year’s British Open which is being held at Royal Portrush.

46 years old Westwood made it to the main draw of the tournament as he now tries to write the golf’s history by being the oldest winner for the first time I of a major’s tournament.

Helen Storey started performing Westwood’s duty of a cabbie after the player ways with his long-time bag man named Billy Foster last year. Shortly after Helen Storey was his caddie, Westwood won his first European Tour title since 2014’s Nedbank Challenge.

As for Helen Storey, apart from being Westwood’s caddie, she is also a fitness enthusiast and also an athlete’s of sorts.

Westwood and Storey started dating each other after Westwood separated from his wife of 16 years named Laurae Coltart back in 2015.

Westwood said, “It is no easy job to carry that big golf bag around, especially considering this weather. That bag is fully loaded up. I did not give an easy rake with it. The bag got everything in it.”

Still, there is good news for Storey as the British Open has made things a little easier for caddies.

Westwood said, “She is delighted as Caddies now get their own rakers. She now won’t have to rake the bunkers.”

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