Clippers push past Lakers for a win by 118-107 in 1st clash of year

The LA Lakers even without laying with their new lead star LeBron James were able to maintain a double-digit lead against the LA Clippers on Friday night game.

However, that is when the Clippers four strongest defenders took the lead under Sweet Lou to win this thrilling basketball match by 118-107 in their first clash of the year.

Lou Williams scored his season-high 36 points for the victory of Clippers as Clippers scored 22 straight points for the Friday night win.

From the Clippers side, Danilo Gallinari added in his 19 points with 10 rebounds who held the Lakers at bay without scoring for six minutes. This is the longest unanswered scoring run by any team in the NBA this season.

Both of these LA franchises are currently finding their chemistry with teammates after major changes in their rosters. However, the Clippers were early to found their new grove to defeat the Lakers in front of the jeering home crowd.

Clippers coach, Doc Rivers said, “We put the Bulldogs on the floor and the fight was amazing”.

Lakers were led by Kyle Kuzma who scored 24 points while Lonzo Ball added in his 19 points for the team. Lakers were playing this game with LeBron James, Rajon Rondo, and JaVale McGee. With this win, Lakers have now lost five games in their last seven games. They were coming off a surprising win over the Golden State Warriors on Christmas Day.

James watched the game in his street clothes from the bench after he earlier made a stir on the social media as he walked into the locker room while holding a glass of wine. While the four times MVP is out from back-to-back games, he is still expected to make an earlier return than Rondo who is at least out for another month.

Up next, LA Clippers will host a game against the San Antonio Spurs on Saturday while LA Lakers will host a game against the Sacramento Kings on Sunday.

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