Corey Perry, of the Dallas Stars ejected his elbow hit to Ryan Ellis of Nashville Predators at Winter Classic

Corey Perry the onward of the Dallas Stars NHL team was ejected from the Inter classic of NHL following his elbowing hit at the Cotton Bowl Stadium on Wednesday.

Ryan Ellis, the defenseman of the Nashville Predators had just released a shot when he was caught in the head by an elbow of Corey Perry at the ark of 2:44 of the first period.

Ellis, as a result of the elbow on the head, got dazed and was then helped off of the ice by his teammates. After that, he was taken to the dressing room on a medical cart.

Referees consulted to the videos and as a result, they gave a 5-minute penalty to Corry Perry for elbowing along with a game misconduct.

In the power play, Nashville Predators were able to score their only 2 goals of the game in the powerplay to take a 2-0 lead. These 2 goals for Predators were scored by Matt Duchene and Dante Fabbro respectively.

As for the elbowing hit on Ellis made by Corey Perry, it can be seen in the video below.

Rick Browness, the interim coach for Dallas Stars said, “That is the right call. We have got to live with the decision.”

Predators made an announcement in the 2nd period that Ellis was not going to come back after sustaining the upper-body injury.

As for Corey Perry, hesaid after the game, “That was an awkward play and hit was not intentional at all. I was not meant to do that and I hope he is doing OK.”

Corey Perry has been previously suspended by NHL. He removed an elbowing suspension for 4 games for hitting Claude Giroux of Philadelphia Flyers and then in 2013 for a hit on Minnesota Wild’s Jason Zucker.

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