Game-worn Equality sneakers by LeBron James put on display in the museum

One year ago, LeBron James wore a pair of sneakers, which had one black and other white show with word ‘Equality” written on the back of each of the sneaker. He wore this show in his game against Washington Wizards.

Now after one year, these sneakers from Nike 15 Equality P.E. have been placed in a display at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of African American History and Culture.

These sneakers have been placed for display in the basketball room of the museum’s sports gallery. They have been placed right underneath the Sports Illustrated featuring James on the cover with the headline “The Chosen One”.

James alongside his business partner donated a sum of 2.1 million dollars to the museum for the Muhammad Ali display at the museum. Recently he also collected a sum of an additional 457780 dollars by raffling his Equality sneakers to the public. These sneakers that have been sold to the public have word Equality written over them in many languages.

On the sports, end, Lebrun James is back in Washington to play with his team LA Lakers against the Washington Wizards on Sunday.  Museum officials were hoping that it would be great if Lebrun could sneak in a visit but due to his game with Charlotte Hornets on Saturday, it might be a little difficult.

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