German GP: A Bus took out the Hockenheim start lights

On Thursday the start lights at the Hockenheim were taken out by a bus after the coach smashed into them.

A bus that was going to collect the fans on the lap of the famed track; its driver had a misjudgment that caused the bus to not see the clearance of the gantry located above the grid and caused the bus to smash in the 5 lights that were used to signal the start of the race.

Still, nobody got injured during this incident and the lights were also replaced before the opening practice race at the Hockenheim.

The track structure for the F1 race had already been published in the local newspaper earlier this year following one such bizarre accident that happened back in April at the Azerbaijan GP.

The accident happened when a recovery truck struck with the bridge that runs over the Baku street track. The vehicle hit the bridge with its cones at the vehicle was giving back the pit of George Russell’s damaged car.

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