Hollie Arnold & Jonathan Broom-Edwards both win gold medal at the World Para-Athletics Championships

Hollie Arnold alongside Jonathan Broom-Edwards won the gold medal on Day 5 of the World Para-Athletics Championships held in Dubai.

Arnold was able to set a new championship record for the women’s Javelin F46t title by throwing for 44.73 meters. As for Broom Edwards, he was able to clear his 3rd attempt of the T64 High Jump with a jump of 2.02 meters.

Arnold was able to break her own record of the World Para-Athletics Championships to take the lead in the middle of the event and that was enough for her to get the win ahead of the runner up Holly Orbison of New Zealand and the winner of Bronze medal Naibys Morillo.

As for the closet opponent for Broom-Edwards at the World Para-Athletics Championships, it was Uzbekistan’s Temurbek Giyazov who failed on his attempt to clear the 2.02-meter high jump on her attempts. However, for British Paralympian who had ruptured her Achilles tendon during last season, she was able to clear the high jump event on his final attempt to win the gold medal.

In another event of the World Para-Athletics Championships, the British printer Sophie Hahn was able to win her 4th gold medal in a row.

She was also able to beat her own record for the T30 100 meters race to win the Gold.

The champion of the 2016 World Para-Athletics Championships and the Commonwealth games proved to be a strong racer as she cleared the finish line at the mark of 12.38 seconds.

The 2nd place went to Luca Ekler of Hungary who finished at 12.89 seconds with third place going to Rhiannon Clarke of Australia with her time of 12.94 seconds.

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