Irving’s 12 points in the OT leads Celtics’ win against Wizards by 130-125

The Boston Celtics Coach Brad Stevens calls the pair of 3-pointers from Kyle Irving in the final 40 seconds to the game was amazing.

The man who contested both those three-pointers, Washington Wizards point guard John Wall calls them amazing as well.

As for Irving, he said to media that, “I was only just trying to win the game”.

On the Wednesday night game of basketball between Boston Celtics vs. Washington Wizards, Celtics were able to win the game by 130-125 to extend their eight-game winning streak.

Kyle Irving led the Boston with his 38 points and scored 12 of those points in the OT. Marcus Morris of the Wizards scored 27 points with his 9 rebounds. Boston Celtics were playing without Al Horford, Gordon Hayward and Jaylen Brown who are their leading scorers.

Boson Celtics will host a game against Atlanta Hawks on Friday whereas Washington Wizards will play against Brooklyn Nets on Friday.

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