Khan VS Vargas; Khan won the fight by climbing off the canvas

Amir Kan won the bout between him and Samuel Vargas in their Saturday night dramatic welterweight match in Birmingham.

Former World Champion was entering the ring for the second time since his absence form boxing for two years before fighting off Phil Lo Greco. This time he was given a much sterner of a test by Vargas since his comeback.

Khan showed the lighting fast speed of his punches that caused Vargas to fall two times. On the other hand Khan was also showing fragility as he also dropped down in the second round’s end when a huge right hand ht him.

The match was pulsating with both men having their moments of gaining victory. The final score of 119-108, 119-109 and 118-110 resulted in Khan’s victory. With this the attention is on Khan as to who is going to face next.

As soon as Khan got in the ring he started with his iconic super speed punches in the opener round. Vargas was out on the floor in the second as Khan’s strong right whirlwind at him.

The gallant Brit was unstoppable with his barrage of punches under the cheers of the crowd. However with his chin out, he himself got a vicious right leaving him to drop down on canvas in disbelief. 31 years old, who rarely had show any signs of vulnerability in his career stumbled back up with unsteady legs.

After this Khan fought more cautiously and managed o drop the Columbian once more with a right. In the succeeding rounds, Khan started to sow his world class famous electrifying movement slowly circling the man.

Although Khan has won with a dominant unanimous decision this time; many are worrisome as to what future holds for Khan.

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