Serena Williams accuses chair umpire Carlos Ramos with ‘Sexist Remarks’

Serena Williams is insistent on the fact that she has not cheated in the US Open finals. After that she also accused the chair umpire Carlos Ramos of ‘Sexism’ that cost her victory and win of Naomi Osaka.

36 years old was very close to setting a tie record for 24 wins previously held by Margaret Court. Unfortunately she got defeated and Osaka became the first Japanese to hold the Grand slam title.

Williams received code violations penalty for smashing her racket and calling umpire a ‘Thief’.

In a press conference, Williams in her defense said to media, “I have seen many men call umpire other things. I am here to fight not for myself but also for the all the women and their right of equality. Me calling him a ‘Thief’ and him taking away the game; I seemed to me a ‘sexist remark’. He has never taken away a game from a man who called him ‘thief’.

Further stating the whole incident she said, “For me it clearly blows my mind. But I am not giving up my fight for women rights and equality. This is going to set an example for the next compassionate person who wants to express themselves and want to be a strong woman. They are going to do it because of what happened to me. It did not work out for me but perhaps it will work out for them”.

Serena also said that she previously never had any problems with the Portuguese official and even saying that he had always been a great umpire. Williams also had a conversation with the umpire which states, “I had good conversation with him. I said to him listen you know me and my character very well. I gave never called of an on court coach in my career. He was like you know what I understand.”

Serena further stated that I told him, “I think you might have thought of me getting an on court coach by looking at my box but I am telling you that’s not what I did. I would rather lose then win by cheating. I have won enough in my life.”

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