Team LeBron beats Team Giannis by 157-155 on the final free to win the exciting NBA All-Star Game

At the NBA All-Star game weekend, the presence of Kobe Bryant could be felt everywhere.

And what could have been a better way of remembering Kobe than winning the NBA All-Star game while playing his Mamba Mentality.

And that is what exactly outscored during the NBA All-Star game held between Team LeBron VS team Giannis for the 60th version of the game. The game ended with Team LeBron winning over Team Giannis by 157-155.

Using the untimed 4yth quarter by the targeted score for determining the game-winner in the new format of the NBA All-Star game, Team LeBron was able to outscore the Team Giannis by 33-22 to get the last quarter victory.

The targeted victory scored was 157 while Team Giannis had 133 points after their 3 quarters and plus 24 points. As for Team LeBron, they scored 124 points after 3 quarters and that meant them scoring 33 points before Team Giannis could score 24 points in the last quarter.

As it happened to be, Team LeBron indeed pulled off that massive target as Antony Davis Jr., who missed his first free throw but completed his 2nd pone to ensure that victory.

Team LeBron was led by Kawhi Leonard who scored 30 points with 7 rebounds and 4 assists while LeBron James himself scored 23 points along with 6 assists and 5 rebounds. As for Chris Paul of team LeBron, he scored 23 points with 6 assists.

Giannis Antetokounmpo scored 25 points with 11 rebounds and 4 assists to lead Team Giannis while Joel Embidd scored 22 points with 10 rebounds.

The NBA All-Star MVP trophy has been renamed to Kobe Bryant All-Star MVP award which every player was determined to win this year. The proceedings of the game winners are forwarded to the charity organization from which sides both teams were playing.

Team LeBron was playing for the Chicago Scholars, an NGO that empowers the academically ambitious students by offering them resources for completing their college education for becoming next-gen leaders, while Team Giannis was playing for After School Matters; an NGO providing the summer programs to nearly 19000 of the Chicago teenagers each year.

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