UFC 231; Max Holloway wins over Brian Ortega by a TKO

Despite Max Holloway brutal strikes on his opponent Brian Ortega’s body, he could not put him out or make him quit the fight.

However, after bashing the face of Ortega and closing his left eye, Holloway was able to win by a TKO verdict after the doctor from cage side urged the stoppage of fight in the fourth round. With this stoppage, Max Holloway won the UFC 231 fight by a TKO on December 9th, 2018 and became the new UFC Featherweight Champ.

This featherweight title fight as the biggest event on the Saturday’s UFC 231 show which took place at the Scotiabank Arena in Toronto.

From start, Holloway took the lead of the fight with his aggressive combinations and overwhelmed his opponent with sheer offensive output.

Despite being bashed around with brutal punches in the opener, Ortega was not about to go down easily. His nose got bloodied early in the opener but he did respond back with some heavy counters that from time to time hurt Holloway.

By the fourth round, punches were coming in droves as Ortega’s head snapped to the back. He was being chased down from one corner of the cage to the other. By the end of this round, his left eye was swollen purple to the size of a balloon. This compelled the doctor to stop the fight before the fifth and final round.

The doctor stopped the fight completely after the fact that swollen eye could compromise Ortega’s vision which was much to Ortega’s dismay.

Holloway sitting in his corner received the news and leaped over the fence to celebrate his win with his team and son.

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