UFC 232 Jones VS Gustafsson; Jon Jones knocks out Alexander Gustafsson and reclaims his light heavyweight title

Jon Jones, the MMA fighter after serving his long fifteen-month ban made a comeback to UFC and reclaims his light-heavyweight title by knocking out his opponent Alexander Gustafsson in the third round on Saturday night bout.


This high profile win for Jones came right after a turbulent week for the UFC when they were forced to switch the location of the match from Las Vegas to Los Angeles after he was denied of license to compete in the state of Nevada due to the concern of his recent drug tests.

California officials stepped in the last minute to grant Jones’ the license to fight who was stripped of his belt after his drug test came out positive last time. The stage was reset for the opponents for whom the very same stage was set five years ago.

For Jones, the Saturday night match was an easy win because his range was well managed as he outmaneuvered and out think his Swedish opponent on his way to win and capture the vacant crown of UFC.

31 years old Jones made use of his long reach and his superior combination of strikes to win the first two rounds by circling around his opponent and striking his torso and leg regions.

American fighter took the fight to the ground in the early minutes of the third round as he flattened Gustafsson on the ground before methodically tuning him over and striking him with a brutal series of strikes on to Swede’s unguarded head to end the fight with a knockout.

Jones, in his post-fight interview, said, “This is great, this is a great feeling. Daddy’s home DC and proved to fans that you are the Champ, Champ. I am here, I will be waiting”, Jones said as he goaded Cormier.

Daniel Cormier is the rival that Jones wants to fight next, against whom he won the light-heavyweight title two years ago when his drug test came out positive Cormier was reinstated for the title.

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