Velazquez VS Ngannou; Francis Ngannou gained an easy 26 seconds first round victory against Cain Velazquez

The Sunday night UFC fight between the Cain Velazquez, who was making his first return to the octagon after a 29-month suspension; and Francis Ngannou ended in a mere 26 seconds first round.


Velasquez fighting against Ngannou, who has no wrestling background, swarmed his opponent which he has done already so many times in his career the match thus ended in short 26 seconds of the opening round.

What happened in the fight can be best explained by the fighters themselves. According to Cain Velazquez, he says that his left knee popped. Cain Velazquez said, “I tried to take another step but my knee just gave out. I came in at my 100 percent but then this freak accident happened. I cannot simply believe it.”

Ngannou noticing this opportunity landed two short uppercuts that ended the match.

Velasquez said, “The pain was on the inside of the knee. None of the punches actually grazed me or did any damage. It was just a freak thing.”

However, Ngannou tells a different story. According to Ngannou, his short uppercut sent the man, who is known to be the greatest heavyweight in MMA history, toppling back over his own twisted leg.


Ngannou said, “his knee buckled after I hit him. You can also see it in the video. Right away I also could not feel it as I had thrown many punches. But when I saw him fell, I knew I hurt him bad.”

What happened after Ngannou’s two short uppercuts sent Velazquez down, the referee stepped in to stop the fight. This did not please the crowd of 140000 at the Talking Stick Resort Arena.

The majority says that the damage done to Velazquez was due to the power of Ngannou which is why he is currently ranked 3rd in the heavyweight division.

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