World Athletics Indoor Championships has been postponed due to Coronavirus Outbreak

World Athletics Indoor Championships has been postponed by the World Athletics that was to be held in Nanjing due to the recent outbreak of Coronavirus in China.

The World Athletics Indoor Championships was due to be held in the city of China from March 13th to March 15th but it has now been postponed for about 12 months.

A statement on the website of World Athletics reads as follows,

“It is with regret that we have agreed with the organizers of the World Athletics Indoor Championships in Nanjing (13-15 March 2020) to postpone the event to March 2021. We know that China is doing all it can to contain the new Coronavirus and we support them in all their efforts but it is necessary to provide our athletes, member federations and partners with a clear way forward in what is a complex and fast-moving set of circumstances.”

“The advice from our medical team, who are in contact with the World Health Organization, is that the spread of the Coronavirus both within China and outside the country is still at a concerning level and no one should be going ahead with any major gathering that can be postponed.”

“We have considered the possibility of relocating the event to another country and would like to thank the cities that have volunteered to host the championships. However, given concerns still exist regarding the spread of the virus outside China; we have decided not to go with this option, as it may lead to further postponement at a later date.”

“The indoor season for athletics falls within a narrow calendar window (up to the end of March) and we believe we will be able to find a suitable date in 2021 to host this event. We would like Nanjing to be the host given the extensive planning and preparation they have put into this event.”

“We have chosen not to cancel the championships as many of our athletes would like this event to take place so we will now work with our athletes, our partners, and the Nanjing organizing committee to secure a date in 2021 to stage this event.”

Many of the international airlines including American Airlines, British Airways, and Lufthansa have suspended their flights that are either coming or fling to mainland China.

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