Antetokounmpo and Middleton led Milwaukee Bucks to their 18th win in a row

Giannis has laid down all his impressive performance for this season of NBA for the Milwaukee Bucks as he has led the team to their quest to have a new winning streak season of the NBA which has been standing for almost half a century.

The reigning NBA MVP shot 3 3-pointers for his first few points of the Milwaukee Bucks VS Cleveland Cavaliers game and then followed on with other amazing shots like a spinning layup, one wide-open dunk and then a step through the slam for having 9 fast points to give his team the early lead.

When it was the 2nd quarter and the Cavs were closing in on the Milwaukee Bucks, Antetokounmpo received a pass from Donte and then made a one-hand dunk to pull them away from the danger zone.

Under his lead, the Milwaukee Bucks were able to beat the Cavaliers by 125-108 to have their 18th straight win of the NBA season.

Kevin Love, the forward for the Cavs said, “You can try and make a game plan for Giannis and for a team like Milwaukee Bucks, but they are all very long and they can shoot and can play inside out. They are having their major winning streak and are playing their best game, if not the best in the league.”

With this win, Milwaukee Bucks have now won 23 of their last 24 games and are now 24-3 on the season. They are one-half-game ahead of the LA Lakers for being the most successful and winning team in the league right now. They have not lost a game since their game against Utah Jazz back on November 8th.

This is also their 2nd longest winning streak of the franchise right after the 20-game winning streak they had back in the season of 1970 which led them to win their only ever won NBA championship.

Up next for the Cavaliers is the game against the Raptors for the first game of these two teams this season. As for the Milwaukee Bucks, they will be playing against the Dallas Mavericks next.

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