Bryce Harper closes off Phillies VS Dodgers game in a wilds manner

As Bryce Harper rounded the bases, he threw off his helmet and had his arms thrust up in the air while screaming as his teammates started to pour into the dugout to mob him.

This what the Phillies have been waiting for their man of 300 million dollars worth.

Harper was able to hit a 2-run double on a pitch from Kenley Jansen of the Dodgers while Phillies had one out in the 9th inning. With Bryce’s two-run hit, Phillies were able to win the game with 9-8 over the Los Angeles Dodgers on Tuesday night.

Harper said, “This is what baseball is all about. Against one of the best closers, it is a fun game.”

Gabe Kapler, Phillies manager said, “That was certainly a huge moment for Bryce. You could really see as to how important it was for him.”

Phillies were able to rebound back from their 16-2 loss for the opener of the 4-game series against the Dodgers, 2-time Defending NL champions.

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