Carson Pickett, the one-armed soccer player says that first she inspires a one-armed 2-year-old and then he inspired her

Carson Pickett is the one armed soccer player for the team Orlando Pride said that she had no one like her to whom she could look up to an that she would get stared at in the public places.

Carson Pickett

But when she met with the 2 years old Joseph Todd, she became the very same role model that she had been looking for her whole life. Pickett and her fan Todd had both been born without having a left forearm and as a result of this coincidence they share a special relationship.


Pickett said to the media, “Literally after five minutes of meeting him, we instantly formed a bond between us. It is really interesting because for a kid like him, I did not think that we connect the way we would. Even though both of us have the same defect it made me surprised that he would feel that we have a connection.”

Carson Pickett Looks Backside

Pickett met with Todd at a football game back in April and the team shared the video of the moment when Pickett showed him her arm and tickled Todd with it. She also had a fist bump with him and also high fived with him.

Carson Pickett Shake Hands with Little Baby

That connection was then spread on Sunday when Todd’s mother Colleen captured the moment of these 2 friends bump their elbows. The photo of them went viral instantly.

Pickett is also the part of the Lucky Fin Project which aims to promote the inclusion of children that have similar experiences as her.

Carson Pickett with one hand baby

Below is the video of Pickett and Todd sharing one hell of a time together.

Picket said of her friendship with Todd, “this is something that is much bigger than the soccer. I truly hope that this is lifelong friendship.”

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