Christian Yelich, the season for the Reigning MVP comes to an end following fractured kneecap in team’s win

The reigning MVP for the national League, Christian Yelich his time at this year’s MLB season came to an abrupt end following his injury of a fractured kneecap during Tuesday game of baseball between Miami Marlins and Milwaukee Brewers. Brewers announced the news of Christian Yelich’s injury after the game, which they won. 

Yelich suffered his injury during the 1st inning of the game at-bat as he was facing the pitch from the right-hander of Marlines, Elieser Hernandez after he lined afoul and the ball directly went to strike his right knee.

Following the hit, Yelich went to the ground immediately and remained on the ground for the following few minutes as the medical team examined him.

Counsell, the manager and the athletics trainer of the team said, “I went out there and saw his whole body shaking. I was concerned but when he went down to the stairs, I was optimistic. It was then that we got the bad news.”

Eventually Yelich was able to get up and move on his own two feet to head for the clubhouse of Brewers.

Watch the video of the moment when Yelich had a foul and the ball hit his knee.



Counsell said, “we feel awful for him. That is the thing that is resonating with me. He is a special player of the team and it is a joy to watch him play for the team everyday. He is the best at what he does. Now, not being able to see that every day is not going to feel good.”

Don Mattingly, the manager of Miami Marlins said, “of course we feel awful as we all know what kind of a guy Christian is. You would hate to see player like him get hurt down the stretch, he has stepped in realm of superstars as a player and got the MVP title too last year. You also don’t want to see that happen for a team down the stretch.”

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