In Yankees’ win VS Cleveland, Aaron Boone and 2 Yankees’ players got ejected

The dispute between the MLB team New York Yankees and the umpires of the leagues is nowhere soon to be coming to an end. Instead, the dispute escalated on Saturday’s game against Cleveland.

During the 6th inning of the game, when the tempers of players, manager, and umpires were flaring up, Aaron Boone alongside Brett Gardner and CC Sabathia were ejected out of the game.

The disagreement between players their coach and the umpire started after Cameron Maybin received a third strike and then he questioned the third plate umpire named Ben May.

This play was the last nail in the coffin of Boone’s temper who had seen enough of the controversial calls throughout this game. Manager of Yankees was already down the tunnel when following him came Gardner and Sabathia. Gardner said that he did not deserve this ejection and Maybin placed the blame on the umpire of home plate.

Maybin said, “He was egging on it the whole time. I asked him only a question. I asked him how he can make such a call. He was sure that pitch was right there but it clearly wasn’t. still, he continued to stare at the dugout.”

This is not the first time that a Yankee player has been ejected out of the game.  Last week in Toronto, Gardner was thrown out and also last month when he smacked the roof of the dugout with his bat.

Gardner said, “I felt like as soon as I hit the top of the dugout that Phil Cuzzi, the umpire was running over from the first based. He was pointing at me and saying that I cannot do that and then he threw me out. I asked him why and then nobody told me why I could not do that. Nobody told me that I could make the noise. I did not direct that noise to anyone.”

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