Jake Marisnick collides with Jonathan Lucroy at home, gets two-game suspension from MLB

Earlier on Thursday, MLB announced that they are suspending Jake Marisnick of Houston Astros due to his violent collision at the plate with Jonathon Lucroy in Sunday’s game.

Jake Marisnick crashed with Jonathan on his run to score during the 8th inning of the game. Due to this collision, he was called out for causing interference. Following this collision, Lucroy suffered from not only a concussion but also a broken nose.

Joe Torre, MLB chief baseball officer said in a statement, “after having a thorough review of the play from all of the angles, I have decided that actions of Jake warrant some discipline. I still do not believe that Jake intended to hurt Jonathan but the contact he made to score was in violation of the Official baseball Rule 6.01(i)., this rule is designed precisely for protecting catchers from this type of collision.”

Below is the video of the collision.

As for the 28 years old outfielder Marisnick, he is going to appeal his suspension and he has also been fined for a sum that still remains undisclosed.

Talking to reporters about the collision, Marisnick said, “I watched the play again and it seemed that he dropped right in front of me and once I kinda made the decision to avoid him, it was too late. It was a really bad play and I hope Jonathan is OK.”

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