Juan Soto is now 21 years old and he celebrates the World Series win of team with legal drinks

This had been one of the highlighted stories for the players of Washington Nationals throughout this MLB season. Their new Phenom named Juan Sotto was not able to partake in their team celebratory beer drinking when they made it as a wild card entry. Juan Sotto also could not celebrate during the team’s clubhouse celebrations of NLDS and NLCS.

Things turned out great for Juan Sotto, as his 21st birthday came on the day of the World Series title win for the Washington Nationals. The Nationals clinched the World Series crown by beating the Houston Astros by 6-2 during the Game 7 of World Series. And now Juan Sotto, the left fielder of the Nationals was able to celebrate alongside his team in full rigor.

The breakout postseason star of 2019 MLB season was 9 for 27 with his 3 home runs and 7 RBIs during the World Series.

This called for a special celebration and he celebrated with the team in the clubhouse with legal age drinks.

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