Kawhi Leonard gets the offer to stay with the Raptors at a free multimillion-dollar condo

Last season, when Toronto Raptors took the chance to trade with Kawhi Leonard, it certainly paid off well for them. The former star of Spurs arrived at Raptors team with 1 year to go on his original contract. So in order to win Leonard over for signing a long term deal with the team, Raptors are doing everything they can.

With the NBA finals finally moving into Toronto for the first time in decades, the whole city of Toronto is doing their bets as they are trying to make Leonard stay with Raptors after this season.

For example, one special movement has been started by the restaurant owners all over Toronto by the name “The Ka’Wine and Dine” movement. They have placed special signs on their entryway to signify that Kawhi Leonard can eat at their establishment for free for life.

If this free food was not enough to convince Leonard, one real estate agency has gone on to dish out their multimillion-dollar penthouse condo for Leonard to live in if he signs with Raptors.

The offer has been made by the CEO Simon S. Mass of The Condo Store Inc. Kawhi can also make the choice from the penthouse residence at the Shangri-La, Four Seasons, Ritz-Carlton or St. Regis; with each of them being ranged in between the price of 2 million to 5 million dollars.

If Leonard seriously thinks upon the offer from Mass, this would be some of his choices to choose from.

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