Khalil Mack; the new highest paid Defense Player in NFL history

Khalil Mack who was playing formerly for Oakland Raiders has managed to become the highest paid Defensive layer of NFL after he was traded to Chicago Bears.

Only after hours of this blockbuster of a trade with Bear, Mack was able to sign a deal that easily surpassed the already high paying contact deal formerly held by Aaron Donald earlier this week.

The deal is for six years and is of total 141 million dollars. This means he will get 23.5 million dollars on average per year. The guaranteed amount that he will receive is 90 million dollars whereas he also receives 60 million dollars as a signing bonus.

An Insider source of NFL; Ian Rapoport confirmed on Saturday afternoon that Bears have started the negotiation with 27eyars old Khalil Mack. Whereas the finer details of the contracts are being finalized by both Bears and Raiders.

Khalil Mack is the fifth overall pick of the first round of 2014’s NFL draft buy Oakland Raiders. He has seen through three Power Bowls and even has been named as the Defensive Player of the Year in 2016.

The rookie was in his last year of contract and still there had been no talks of negotiations from Raiders to Mack’s representatives whatsoever since February.

Mack was due this season to make 13.85 million dollars from Oakland Raiders but he held out on this seasonal training.

There were even news for the trade of 27 years old Khalil Mack to New York Jets and Cleveland Browns for his outstanding 10.5 sacks last season.

However it was confirmed on Saturday afternoon that Chicago Bears have decided to offer a huge sum for trade off of 2 first round draft pick ups from Oakland Raiders. The other payer still remains unnamed.

This news only came after four days of the biggest NFL contract deal in history which was given by Green bay packer to their Quarterback Aaron Rodgers. The deal is worth almost 180 million dollars for next six years.

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