Nationals make a team-record rally during the ninth inning to defeat Mets

For the visiting New York Mets, they have only disbelief and shock for them after the game with the Washington Nationals. Only sound of the closing backpacks and the hangers clanking in their clubhouse could be heard and nothing else.

Mets were coming to the 9th inning with a 6-run lead against the nationals and many of their fans had already left the stadium with only a few diehard fans sitting in their seats.

Fans were evening booing their won team. Then the ones who stayed in their seats, they got to witness the history in its full making.

Nationals were able to break their own franchise record for overcoming the longest deficit during the 9th inning. They won by 11-10 and celebrated like it was meant to be. Jeff McNeil of Mets said, “this might have been the toughest loss of this season. We had it.”

Nationals were able to make 7 runs in the ninth innings. Nimo said, “This is even hard to archive during a little league game

. Making a comeback in the bottom of the 9th inning against the pitchers who were throwing 90+ mph pitches, I do not have words to describe this.”

Ryan Zimmerman of Nationals said, “It has been a crazy year. This is the only way for me to sum it up. For me, the team and even the fans, this is the best I can explain it.”

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