New England Patriots 17-10 Philadelphia Eagles: Eagles beaten as Julian Edelman throws the winning TD pass

The game of NFL between the New England Patriots and the Philadelphia Eagles ended in a 17-10 win for the Pats. Eagles suffered the loss in the worst way as Julian Edelman of the New England Patriots made a winning TD pass to his teammate Philip Dorsett near the end.

Tom Brady, the QB for the New England Patriots was able to lead the team with his 216 yards. Pats were down by 10-0 but then Brady and Edelman manage dot secure the 1st TD of the game. Edelman found Dorsett near the end zone as he was out on 15 yards line following a lateral pass from Brady.

Cason Wentz, the QB for the Eagles also had 214 yards but his team struggled mostly against the Patriots defense which is ranked no. 1 in the league. Eagles got sacked 5 times as well as lost 1 fumble against New England Patriots.

This match was not one bit like the match that was played between these 2 teams back in the Super LII which saw the Phillies won the game by 41-33. Both teams at that time set NFL records for Super Bowl in February of 2018 for the most yards in the history of any league game.

That game only saw 1 punt from both teams but the game this Sunday saw 15 punts combined which included 10 in a row during the 2nd half after which the New England Patriots took the lead.

During the final minute of the game, Eagles had a chance to tie up with the Pats as Carson Wentz heaved the ball to the end zone on 4th down.  However, Nelson Agholor failed to come down with the ball despite having the hands on the throw.

For the New England patriots, this win makes it their 19th winning season in a row as they are now 9-1 on the season which is only a win behind the all-time record of 20 games from the Dallas Cowboys. As for the Eagles, they drop to 5-5 on the season as their 2-game winning streak snapped.

Up next, New England Patriots will host a game against the NFC East-leading team; Dallas Cowboys while Eagles will play against Seattle Seahawks at home.

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