New York Knicks make a late rally to win over Kings by 103-101

Now 8 weeks into this NBA season, the New York Knicks are finally having the time of enjoying back to back wins.

They did on Friday night as they were trailing by 16 points against the Sacramento Kings, only 48 hours of beating the Golden State Warriors.

Elfrid Peyton scored 7 of his total 16 points in the 4th quarter while Marcs Morris scored the offensive rebound with only 9 seconds to the clock to let Knicks rally and win over Kings by 103-101.

Julius Randal, the forward for New York Knicks said, “it is a good feeling we just increased out intensity and our aggressive approach.  The bench had a great thing of coming in and then playing well.  We just kept on fighting till the very end and locked I the details and then came out winning the game.”

New York Knicks were led by Julius Randal who scored 24 points as well as 14 rebounds while Mitchell Robinson helped with his 14 points and 89 boards while Damyean Doston added 11 points.,

New York Knicks are now 6-20 on the season and they are enjoying back to back wins since the first time they won over Wizards and Bulls for the 80th and the 81st game of the last season.

Mike Mille, interim coach for the Knicks said, “We were in those positions where we bent for a few times but we were never broken down. Terrific effort from the whole team, so many amazing performances and then showing the character to keep on coming back when you actually get down.”

This consecutive win for the New York Knicks came after a night of having won over Warriors by 124-122 in the OT to snap their 10-game losing skid.

Up next, the New York Knicks will be playing against the Denver Nuggets as they try to end their 11-game losing streak against the Nuggets.

As for the Kings, they will now have a road game against the Warriors this Sunday night.

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