NXTGEN: the light-heavyweight battle between Craig Richards and Chad Sugden held to a draw

The NXTGEN fight for the light heavyweight division between Craig Richards and Chad Sugden was held to a draw which was held on the undercard of the Richard Riakporhe VS Jack Massey at the York Hall.

Craig Richards entered into this NXTGEN fight as the crowd favorite by after fighting through 8 rounds of the fight, the referee as still unable to split both boxers.

As for Sugden, he made an aggressive opening first round of the NXTGEN fight but his nose soon got bloodied after the 2nd round following a heavy right from Richards.

Richards fought the 3rd round behind his powerful jab in the 3rd round but the former kickboxer turned boxer Sugden struck Richards with hooks on both his body and head.

Sugden, who had accepted the fight of a 5-week short notice, enjoyed some success in the 5th as he moved in and out of his opponent’s range while throwing in strong punches.

Richards spurred his fans took control back in the 6th with his accurate shots but his chin got tested in the penultimate round.

In the last round of the NXTGEN fight, both traded heavy blows as Richards’ upper jaw got jolted while Sugden started to have closed eyes but refused to go down as he landed shots from all angles.

In another fight of the NXTGEN Luther Clay came out victorious against Freddy Kiwitt by unanimous points victory for winning the WBO global welterweight title belt.

Kiwitt managed to fight till the end of the 10th round but Clay was deemed victorious on 3 scores of 97-93. 

The fight between Kieron Conway and Craig Obrien ended with the majority points win for Conway to keeps his hopes alive for contention for the British Super Welterweight belt.

Conway said of his opponent, “He was a really good game and he shocked me quite a bit.  There were few rounds where I felt a sudden dip in his power but he stood firm with his feet while letting go of his hands.”

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