Philadelphia Eagles 7-48 New Orleans Saints; Drew Brees throws 4 TDs in the demolition match

On the Sunday night game of Philadelphia Eagles vs. New Orleans Saints, Saints came out victorious in what was a demolition match for Eagles by 48-7. Brees threw 4 TD passes for 363 yards.

Saints with 9-1 for the season have scored 148 points on average for the season in only past three games and an average of 48 points in their past eight games.

As for Eagles, they suffered the largest margin defeat for a defending Super Bowl Champion team as they have lost five of their past seven games. They are now at 4-6.

Carson Wentz; QB for Eagles struggled throughout the night as he was intercepted thrice on the night and completed only 19 of his 33 passes for 156 yards.

Brees threw four TD passes for the night and with this, he has a staggering record of 25 TD passes for the season with only one interception.


Eagles 0-3 Saints: Will Lutz made a 38-yard field goal.

Eagles 0-10 Saints: Drew Brees made a three-yard touchdown pass to Austin Carr.


Eagles 0-17 Saints: Mark Ingram made a 14-yard touchdown run.

Eagles 7-17 Saints: Josh Adams made a 28-yard touchdown run.

Eagles 7-24 Saints: Brees made a 15-yard touchdown pass to Tre’Quan Smith.


Eagles 7-31 Saints: Brees made a 23-yard touchdown pass to Michael Thomas.

Eagles 7-38 Saints: Ingram made a one-yard touchdown run.


Eagles 7-45 Saints: Brees made a 38-yard touchdown pass to Alvin Kamara.

Eagles 7-48 Saints: Lutz made a 19-yard field goal.

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