RAW wedding of Lana with Bobby Lashley destroyed by Rusev and Liv Morgan

The RAW wedding of Lana and Bobby Lashley was utterly destroyed following the surprise and unexpected appearances from Liv Morgan and Rusev.

The RAW wedding started as it as expected; despite cants coming from Rusev, but then things started to took an ugly turn when the officiant of the RAW wedding came to the sentence ‘Any man or woman should speak now or forever hold their peace.”

The first one to arrive at this sentence was the first husband of Lana who had been swiftly dispatched by Lashley and next came the first wife of Bobby who ended up getting hit with a bouquet to her face by Lana aka “The Ravishing Russian”. But after the RAW wedding’s officiant asked for the 3rd time the same sentence of anyone’s object, it was Morgan who appeared once more.

Morgan, the former member of the Riot Squad had to made appearance for some time after making a vow to come back for being real, which I reality is her relationship with Lana. Morgan initially asked Lana to reconsider this RAW wedding but after the refusal, a full-blown catfight started on the floor.

And just when the audience thought that the RAW wedding might finally be happening, the giant wedding cake got blown to pieces to reveal Rusev who then went on to obliterate Lashley as Lana watched but not after her own face was shoved into ruined wedding cake by Liv Morgan.

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