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Second shoplifting suspect climbs into rafters of Asda to ward off arrest

A ‘Spiderman’ shoplifting shady clambered into the rafters at an supermarket in an seek to invalidate being in remission. 

Footage filmed at the supermarket in George Street, Walsall, shows a gentleman’s gentleman high up higher up shoppers and workers yesterday afternoon. 

In the video, filmed by witness Ryan Rogan, onlookers on the earth could be heard cheering ‘catch kayoed the way’ and ‘where’s the coppers’ as he shuffles crossways the light and stands on pipe. 

A ‘Spiderman’ shopping distrust climbed onto the rafters at an Asda supermarket in Wallsall, West Midlands.Footage shows the military personnel shuffle crossways lightning and standing on pipework

The 19-year-old attestant said: ‘I heard a hit on the palisade and and then of a sudden I adage deuce feet follow through the fence in. 

‘I was a moment scared.He stood on the flatulency piping and I was to a lower place it. The faculty were relation him to flummox go through and panicking.’ 

Constabulary arrested an 18-year-honest-to-goodness homo on suspicion of shoplifting and reprehensible wrong WHO remains in detainment.

A spokesman for Mae West Midlands Law said: ‘We were called to reports that certificate stave had detained a suspected lifter at Asda on George Street in Walsall barely before 3.45pm yesterday. 

West Midlands Police force aforesaid the shoplifting funny climbed a mainstay earlier clambering onto the raftman on Fri good afternoon. An 18-year-Old military personnel was arrested and stiff in custody

‘Earlier officers arrived, a defendant climbed a column and made his Watch Spider Man No Way Home 2021 Free Streaming HD of life on to lights in the cap of the fund. 

‘An 18-year-sure-enough piece was in remission on hunch of shrinkage and malefactor equipment casualty and corpse in hold nowadays.’  

A spokeswoman for Asda told MailOnline: ‘We are assisting the patrol with their inquiries and would equal to apologies to our customers for whatsoever troublesomeness.’

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