Serena Williams beats her own Sister Venus Williams at US Open

Serena Williams managed to get into the fourth round of the US Open tournament after beating her own sister; Venus Williams with a 6-2 and 6-1 victory.

This is not all as Serena Williams will have to pass through many tests before she could prove that she is really back in her best form. However Serena has proved that she is still the best as she only beat her sister in just 71 minutes and in a one-sided match at that.

After the match both sisters embraced each other while they also waved hands at the audience from the net. Serena is going to face Kia Kanepi of Estonia in her next match.

Serena Williams told reporters her remarks on the match, saying that, “my sister is my best friend and she means the whole world to me. She is supportive of my career and I am supportive of her career. Her every loss feels like my loss. I not only love her with all my heart but owe everything to her. She is the reason I am still out here.”

Serena rated her performance as her perusal bet after returning to tour in March. However her sister Venus even further praised her by saying that this is her sister’s bets performance against her veer.

She told reporters that, “I don’t think I did a lot wrong in this match. But one thing is for sure that Serena did everything right. Without a doubt this is the level she has to maintain throughout the tournament.”

It has been nearly a decade since Serena was last beat by Venus at Grand Slam; the final of Wimbledon. However Venus has still won a match against Serena in March at Indian Wells at the first tournament after her birth as an Olympia.

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