Sevilla wins over Liverpool by 2-1 in the Fenway Park friendly game

Joris Gnagnon was able to take out the legs of Yasser Larouci, the midfielder of Liverpool in the Fenway Park friendly match as if a base runner is trying to break during the double play.

Football Player Slip

Player having Pain on leg

The defender of Seville was sent in for a tackle during the 76th minute of the game on the field where the 2nd base of the ballpark of the Boston Red Sox is.

Players Defend each Other

Despite facing the game in its most hostile moments, Alejandro Pozo was able to score a goal during the 90th minute of the game after he got an assist from his teammate Munir El Haddadi to allow their win over Liverpool by 2-1.

Goal Keeper Trying To safe Ball

Goal Keeper Trying to Carry Football

Jürgen Klopp, Liverpool manager said, “It is too early in a season to create some headlines based on things that are in this situation.”

He instructed the reporters after the game, “No headlines, Klopp. I want to still spend my holidays in Spain again.”

The 18 years old Larouci after taking the damage lied on the sod while Gnagnon argued with the officials for a few minutes over this call.

Goal Keeper through Ball

Klopp said, “In the locker room, he was fine.” He said the following statement after adding that harry Wilson who earlier left during the first half of the game after he was hit in the face that he too was OK.

Julen Lopetegui, the coach of Seville said that he caught up with Kloop and was relieved to find that Larouci was not that much in a serious condition.

Crowd looks happy

Despite the temperature being in the mid-90s, the ballpark was filled with a crowd of nearly 35654 people and nearly all of them were wearing red colors to show their support for Liverpool. The winning team of the Champions League and the Red Sox are both the teams which are owned by the financer named John Henry.

Player Excitement After kicks goal

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