Tyson Fury had a huge brawl with Strowman on WWE Raw

Tyson Fury made an appearance on the WWE Raw and it ended with a huge brawl that saw both Fury and Braun Strowman getting separated by the security.

Fury was invited to the event following the time he had almost traded some serious blows with ‘Monster Among Men’ on the last Friday’s SmackDown. Fury was attending that 8-mna tournament with his family when Strowman threw Dolph Ziggler at Fur causing the heavyweight champion to fall back on his chair.

Now the last night, both of these monster giants were almost on the brink of going toe-to-toe against each other following Fury taunting Fury Strowman how he lacks so few of the heavyweight title victories in his entire career.

This insult was too much for Strowman who incensed started to attack Fury and prompted the in-house security team of the company to come up on the ring and separate these two.

Both men struggled and fought with the security to be free and were able to do so many times. This caused many of the roster’s members to come out of the dressing room and keep these two giants separated.

There is now speculation that soon, there is going to be a wrestling match between Strowman and Fury. The speculation has even gone as far as to be the October 31st the date as there is going to be the event titled ‘Crown Jewel” to be held in Saudi Arabia.

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