Yasiel Puig, who is about to be traded, was involved in a Reds VS Pirates brawl

Moments after the news came that Yasiel Puig was being traded by the Cincinnati Reds to the MLB team Cleveland Indians; he was involved in a Reds VS Pirates brawl at the benches following the team’s loss against the Pittsburgh Pirates by 11-4.

Tall the troubles started happening during the 7th inning as Kenoe Kela of Pirates threw one up to Derek Dietrich of Reds. In between the innings, Joey Votto of Reds started shouting at Kela from the third baseline.

Then during the start of the 9th innings, Amir Garrett of Reds threw a punch at Trevor Williams, the pitcher of Pirates.

After that, both benches cleared from their places and a brawl broke out with punches flying everywhere. As for Yasiel Puig, he was in the middle of all of it. David Bell, Reds’ manager who had earlier been ejected pout of the game also came to the brawl and then hit the coach of Pirates.


Bell is bow going to face a likely suspension after coming back to the field following his earlier ejection.

Bell said, “I care and the players also care about their game very tremendously. We take it really seriously to win the games. I can’t even explain as to how much we want to win the games but it is much bigger than that. When you have a friend who had a ball thrown at them at a 90 plus speed to their head, and nobody does anything about it, then whatever it takes. We have to go out and we alike we are being protected.”

Puig said, “That was crazy and I have a lot of respect for Garrett. He did something. He did something that he was supposed to do and what all the pitchers of the team need to do. We were playing normally trying to win the game. We do not try to throw the ball at anybody.”

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