Dana White, UFC President says a deal has been made with retired boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr., and it might be ‘something fun’

It seems that the President of the UFC, Dana White is once more going to be doing business with the famed boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr.

The speculations for their business proposals got lit when White was spotted last month with Floyd Mayweather Jr. at the NBA game of Boston Celtics VS Los Angeles Clippers held in downtown LA.

Now being a guest on the Thursday episode of ‘The Rich Eisen Show”, White talked about eh hanged with Floyd Mayweather Jr. at the game. White said that he had initially bought the tickets without knowing that Floyd Mayweather Jr. was going to be there and there meeting was purely coincidental.

He then said that both of them discussed the business and a few hours later, White and Floyd Mayweather Jr. were shaking hands on a deal. White said “It’s true, we sat at the Clippers game.  We then started talking and then literally got a deal done there on the court. We shook hands on it, now we have a deal. Now if all the things pan out the way they should and I hope they should, then we will be sitting with Al Haymon in the March next year for getting this deal on the appear.”

Now the big question was what was this deal that White had been talking about? But White does not want to make any other explanation for it. He also avoided going into the specifics of the things but still suggested the timeline.

White said, “Let’s see, how the next few months sound to you?  We could be doing something really fun, probably.  I think that if everything goes our way, I and Floyd would be doing something really amazing in the November or December of next year.”

This is not going to be the first time for the two of them to be working on something. The UFC was the co-promoter for the blockbuster fight of Mayweather VS Conor McGregor held back in August of 2017. Mayweather won that fight via TKO in the 10th round.

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