Dubois VS Gorman; Daniel Dubois stops Nathan Gorman in 5th round to wear the British Heavyweight title

In the Saturday night boxing match between Daniel Dubois and Nathan Gorman held at O2 for the British Heavyweight title, Dubois won the fight in 5 rounds.

The fighter from London showed his explosive power right from the start as he improved his career record to 12-0. He dropped Gorman first in the 3rd round with his devastating right punch and then went on to finish the fight in the 5th round.

Dubois, who has been seen as a composed, discipline and a mature fighter, has claimed the heavyweight belt at age of only 21 years.

The thrilling and much-anticipated fight between both fighters started evenly at the Capital’s arena with Gorman having success at first as he managed to land 2 left hooks during the opening round.

The pre-fight consensus was the Gorman was superior in comparison to Dubois but the 2nd round saw the turn of events as Dubois aka the Dynamite gained his rhythm for his jabs and rammed them in between guard of his opponents. Every hit from Dubois was matched with an ohh and an ahh from the crowd.

The first real damage of the fight happened in the 2nds round when Dubois heavy hit cut open a little wound over Gorman’s left eye.

For the 23 years old Gorman, things went bad from thereafter soon after he was floored with a powerful right hand in the 3rd round. Gorman was quick to make it back to his feet but he was greeted with more barrages of heavy hits giving a signal for an early finish.

After the interval of one minute, the fight continued on with Dubois making short work of his opponent with his fast jabs and Gorman having little to offer in return.

This one-way beating continued until the 5th round when a thundering combination from Dubois caused Gorman to flatten out on canvas and not being able to beat the count.

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