Flash Morgan Webster and Mark Andrews and crowned as the first WWE Welsh Camions at the NXT UK TakeOver event

The duo of Flash Morgan Webster and Mark Andrews have been officially crowned by WWE as their new Welsh Champion in an event of the NXT UK TakeOver’s tag title match held in Cardiff. 

The duo was able to win this championship in the hometown of Cardiff last Saturday where the second event of the NXT UK’s TakeOver was held at the Motorpoint Arena which had already sold out.

The event was for the triple tag team fight where champion duo of Zack Gibson & James Drake and the Wolfgang & Mark Coffey competed against Flash Morgan Webster and Mark Andrews. Andrews was able to finish the fight with a winning on fall to Gibson.

The Welsh champions went to the crowd for celebrating the historic win after only 20 minutes of the fight which was unarguably filled with some high flying and narrow escaping action.

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