WWE event interrupted by Tyson Fury, had to be restrained by the security

On Friday night WWE SmackDown event, Tyson Fury tried to enter the ring area after the match and was restrained by the security to avoid doing so.

Fury had his last fight a month ago against Otto Wallin, which he won on points. He was attending the event of the wrestling world at the Los Angeles’ Staples Center alongside his family which was debuted on the new time slot.

During the five-on-five tag-team fight, Fury had been involved with Braun Strowman in a playful squaring up in the middle of the tournament.

However, the things took a drastic turn of events following Strowman shoving Dolph Ziggler into Fury who was sitting in the ringside area.  This caused the British heavyweight champ to fall back on his seat and causing him to be incensed.

Following this, Fury and Strowman had an exchange of verbal abuses and following that Fry tried to climb over the crowd strand and attempted to reach the “Monster Among Men” but was restrained in his efforts by the security personnel.

The whole of the LA crowd started chanting “Let Them Fight” but the security held on to Fury and the situation was cooled down. However, with this incident, there is now a chance of a wrestling match to happen sooner or later between Strowman and Fury.

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