Jessica Pegula wins the Citi Open in Washington title easily

Jessica Pegula was able to make the quick work of her finals opponent Camila Giorgi at the Citi Open in Washington to win her career’s first title by 6-2 and 6-2.

Jessica Pegula

The 25 years old America was able to win the match by winning the first 2 games of both sets to set a firm tone for the match and completed her journey to victory in 59 minutes.

Jessica Pegula Palying

Giorgi took the lead in the first set by 3-2 but then Jessica Pegula took the next three games in a row as the Italian player made many unforced errors.

Camila Giorgi

The second set was even more of an easy win for Jessica Pegula, despite making a comeback form injuries of wrist and ankles.

Jessica Pegula

V is the daughter of the owners of the two of the biggest sports teas; NFL Buffalo Bills and NHL Buffalo Sabres. She closed the match in a stunning manner and sunk on her knees for celebrating her victory.

Jessica Pegula wins title

Pegula, who has been working with the former coach of Venus Williams David Witt, said, “It is extremely gratifying for me. This is the work you do to win the tournaments. It might sound cliché but this journey is the thing that makes the win sweeter. However, this week, it felt different for the finals, I felt as if I was ready for it. I was like, “you are going to go out there and you are going to win.”

Jessica Pegula Celebrates

She has become the second-ever American tennis player to have won the Citi Open title since Sloane Stephens who won the title back in 2015.

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