Mookie Betts, outfielder of Red Sox makes a 305-foot throw from the outfield corner to take out runner at 3rd

The Boston Red Sox might not have a chance of defending their World Series trophy this year as they could not make it to the playoffs, but they are still playing really hard. One player of the Sox, Mookie Betts is particularly playing harder than ever as he made a dart from the outfield.

Avisail Garcia, the outfielder of the Avisail Garcia Tampa Bay Rays was able to take an extra-base by hitting the ball to the right-field corner during the 6th inning for a run. Garcia made an effort to convert a double into a third and this was when Betts unleashed his amazing arm power.

The AL MVP of 2018, Betts picked the ball up from the corner and then with his bare hand, he threw it for a distance of 305 feet to his teammate Rafael Devers standing at the 3rd base who was able to then smoothly tag Garcia and ousted him. This was the 4th longest outfield assist in the history of MLB.

Betts said to reporters, “Yeah, I was not aware that I could do that. It is fun to do the kind of stuff that you did not know that you could do.”



Boston Red Sox lost the game by 7-4 against the Rays with Rays holding a 0.5 game lead for having the 2nd spot at the 2nd AL Wild Card.

Talking about other ridiculous throws form outfield, we could not forget to mention Bryce Harper. During the game of Washington nationals vs. Philadelphia Phillies, Juan Soto of Nationals made a full on hit to make a run. Harper was able to field the ball and then tested his own arm strength. Harper delivered the ball with a speed of 99.2 mph for ousting Soto at the plate. Phillies now have one game left that can eliminate them from the NL Wild Card participation race.

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