Twitteratis rip fans of New York Yankees for calling Uber, Uber towards Minnesota Twins starting pitcher

The Saturday Game 2 of the New York Yankees Series which was played against the Minnesota Twins was a sad display of the sportsmanship from the New York Yankees fan group at the stadium. The reason was the thoughts of these fans as they hurled chants towards the starting pitcher of Minnesota Twins named Randy Dobank, thinking they were being clever.

However, the thing is they were not clever in the least as their chants were only highly disrespectful.

Fans of the Yankees were chanting loudly Uber, Uber towards Dobank who had worked last year as an Uber driver while he was still playing as a pitcher in Minors. Making the fun of someone who only worked to make an honest living to make the extra cash while living to work on their dream, is not a clever thing at all.

Apparently, these chants were not like by the Twitteratis as you can see down below, how they rip them off.

Yankee fans are some of the worst sporting fan bases around the world for any kind of sport and they did not hesitate to show that once more.

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