Padres pulled a quirky prank on the visiting fans of Red Sox during the sing-along ‘Sweet Caroline’

Anyone of you who has even visited the baseball game of the MLB team Boston Red Sox, you will see that there are fans of the franchise nearly everywhere. They literally have thousands of fans everywhere in the country and they also travel to the team’s games.

On the other hand, if you are a small struggling team such as the San Diego Padres playing against the Red Sox, chances are that the stadium at the game is going to be swarmed with Red Sox fans. However, earlier on this fateful Sunday, the production team of the Petco Park was able to hit back with quite a trick up their sleeve to the Red Sox and its fans.

During the promotion held in mid-inning, Padres held a karaoke on stadium-wide level for the fans of Red Sox to sing ‘Sweet Carolina’. But these fans soon realized the prank that had been pulled on them as soon as they opened their lips and said “Sweeeeeeet Car-roooo-linnnnne!”.

Just as the chorus was about to begin, the video suddenly changed to a song of Rick Astley titled “Never Gonna Give You Up”.

This was a good prank, indeed.

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