Sophia Floersch return to Germany; Spinal surgery after the Macau Grand Prix’s horrific injury

Sophia Floersch who was involved in a horrific crash at the Macau Grand Prix; returned to Germany after undergoing a spinal surgery for her fractured spine.

According to the principal of her team; Van Amersfoort Racing, the 177 years old German driver is set to make a return to the racing world after she successfully undergoes a spinal surgery for her fractured spine.

The crash happened on the last Sunday’s race when she suddenly lost control of her car as she reached a tight right end on lap four. Following that the car was soon airborne and crashed into fences nearby.

On her Facebook page, she posted a statement,

“Today I am flying back home. I am really glad that I will be able to see all my family and friends for the next couple of days. I am grateful yet overwhelmed by all the support I got from all you guys from across the globe.”

She even thanked the hospital staff who operated her with words, “big thanks goes to all the people in Macao and especially to the guys in the hospital, Dr. Lau, Dr. Chan, Mr. Lei Wai Seng, Maria Elisa Goncalves, angel Sulanir Goncalves Pacheco, and all wonderful nurses.”

Lastly, she ended the statement about her time in Macau where she celebrated her 2nd birthday, “I am happy that I get to celebrate my 2nd birthday in Macau on 18-11-2018. Now a new chapter of my life starts and I cannot wait for it to begin. Let’s focus on 2019”.

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