Sweden beats Germany by 2-1 to reach the semifinals of the World Cup

Sweden by beating Germany out of the way thinks that they have a strong chance of winning the world cup.

Stina Blackstenius Looks very Excited

Stina Blackstenius took the lead of Sweden in the final minutes of the second half as she made a go-ahead goal to win over Germany by 2-1 in their quarterfinals match on Saturday night of the Women’s World Cup.

Sweden Women Playing in Defensive Style

This was the first victory for Sweden over Germany in the last 24 years for a match in a major tournament. With this victory, the 9th ranked Swedes in the tournament now move into the semis to compete against the Netherlands.

Sweden Women Player happy mood

Germany, the 2nd ranked team in this tournament had won the back to back world cup title back in 2003 and 2007 were the favorites of the tournament and side their bracket but now they will be heading back to home.

Sweden Women Player hugs Germany Women Player

Martina Voss-Tecklenburg, coach of the German team said, “We knew it was going to be this difficult. But we are not going to let this bring us down. We will make sure that this process will carry one despite this defeat to keep on growing. We will channel this loss into our strength and this negative experience to gain something positive for learning lesson from it.”

Sweden Football Team Taking Victory

This was kind of a rematch of Sweden’s match with Germany back in 2003 World Cup final when Germanys won by 2-0 in a match held in Shanghai. The teams also played against each other back at the 2016 Olympics which Germany again won by 2-1 to get the Gold medal.

Sweden Women Team Celebrate Victory

The last win of Sweden against Germany in a major tournament was back at the group stage match of 1995 World Cup.

Sweden Women Team Reach Semifinals

The first goal of the game was made by Germany’s Sara Daebritz on a pass from Lina Magull during the 16th minute of the game.

Sweden Women Team Celebrations After Reach Semifinals

As for Sweden’s first goal of the game, it was made by Sofia Jakobsson during the 22nd minute.

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