The Golden Contract: Hosea Burton beats Bob Ajisafe in Brentwood

The fight of The Golden Contract tournament held between Hosea Burton and Bob Ajisafe was won in the most dominating way. Burton knocked down his opponent in only 6 seconds of the fight starting to have a punch-perfect start in Brentwood. 

The 31 years old, who had previously suffered a worrisome spell due to his defeat against Frank Buglioni, started his career a new in a domineering manner as he took the scores of 99-90, 99-92 and 98-91 from the ringside judges to win over the previous British champion.

Hosea Burton could not have a more perfect start than this at the Brentwood Center, the venue for the fight. He dropped the Lionheart with his right-hand punch within the first 6 seconds of the first round to take the control.

From there on, Hosea Burton, the boxer trained by Joe Gallagher moved like a coiled spring and remained composed as he worked behind his jab to plant his one-twos to his opponent’s body.

Ajisafe tried his best to take the control back later in the match but Hosea Burton, who had learned from his past mistakes, did not give him any lead to grab the victory.

Talking afterward, Hosea Burton said, “Ajisafe is a tricky boxer for anybody as he has put down Tony Bellew before. I outboxed him tonight and I came out with one-two and caught him clean. For me, this was the final and he was the joint favorite. This is not going to be a bad tournament.”

As for another fight of The Golden Contract between Serge Michel and Tommy Philbin, it ended with a win for Michel as he got scores of 99-90 twice and 98-90 once.

He floored his opponent in a one-sided battle but was still unable to finish the things with knockout during 10 rounds which cause him to lose the knockout bonus of The Golden Contract.

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