Wilder vs. Fury 2: Tyson Fury gets 7th round stoppage victory over Deontay Wilder in Las Vegas

In the much-anticipated boxing match of Wilder VS Fury 2, Tyson Fury proved himself to be a brutal and Masterclass boxer as he battered his opponent Deontay Wilder to gain the 7th round stoppage victory to be the world heavyweight champion once more.

Fury was able to knock Wilder 2 times in the fight as he controlled the entire fight and Wilder’s team was forced to throw the towel to discontinue the onslaught.

Tyson Fury, The current 2-time world heavyweight champion and the undefeated boxer who is now 31 years old bullied his opponent against whom he first had a draw 14 months ago in Wilder VS Fury 1. Fury made claim prior to fight that he would knock down his opponent in the 2nd round, which raised quite a lot of eyes at first.

Tyson Fury started the fight on the front foot as he jabbed and forced his opponent to retreat backward. Wilder tried to take control back but Fury replied with more accurate foothold and fists as the crowd cheered him on.

The 2nd round ended in Fury mauling the bewildered Deontay Wilder in the corner as he landed great shots making Wilder look concerned.

The 3rd round saw a clubbing right that sent Wilder crashing to the canvas but saw him get back on his legs to be downed once more but this time he was bloodied and really hurt. The bell saved him.

Wilder then tripped for the 2nd time following a left hook to his body in the 5th as he sought for a finish only to have a point deduction for the illegal punch.

The 6th round was no different with Tyson Fury on top with his left hook and he ended the round showboating by poking his own tongue out.

Wilder continued to get battered up by Tyson Fury around the ring when his corner flung the towel that saved him. Fury then celebrated his win by singing the American Pie as he had his new championship belt over his shoulder.

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