Covington and Towns lead Timberwolves past Cavs for a victory by 102-95

There is no doubt in saying that Minnesota Timberwolves have been showing signs of improvement since they traded off their disgruntled star player Jimmy Butler.

Minnesota Timberwolves improve their record by 6-2 after defeating Cleveland Cavaliers by 102-95 on the Monday night’s game.

Tom Thibodeau; head coach of the team said to media, “we have still a long way to go but we are steadily improving. We are still not playing as better as we could once. We cannot be satisfied by our performance, not yet”.

In the aftermath of the Butler trade, Timberwolves acquired three players; one of them was Robert Covington who led the team on Monday night with his 24 points.  Karl-Anthony Towns also added in his 21 points to help Timberwolves move past Cavs.

Derrick Rose came out from the bench to score his 10 of his 12 points in the fourth quarter.

Cleave lend was on its two-game winning streak after defeating Philadelphia and Houston back to back last week but they could not hold on to their streak by losing this third game.

Kyle Korver from Cavs led the team with his 22 points which included his six 3 pointers. Rodney hood pitched in his 20 points and as for Tristan Thompson, he added in 16 points with 11 rebounds for the night.

Timberwolves will now host a match against San Antonio Spurs on Wednesday. As for Cavs, they will play against Oklahoma City on Wednesday.

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