Kevin Durant’s season high 49 points led Warriors victory against Magic by 116-110

Kevin Durant scored his season-high 49 points on Tuesday night game of Warriors vs. Magic but even he knows that he should have scored 50 points if he had managed to have fallen in a few more shots.

He said to media, “I am pretty sure that all my teammates felt that way”.

Under Durant’s lead, Warriors defeated Magic’s on Monday night by 116-110. Durant scored his last shot for the night which was a three-pointer with only 22 seconds left to the clock.

Durant further said to media, “I missed almost 17 shots and lost a chance to score 50 points. I feel like I have missed the chance to fall in some shot this and my previous game”.

Kevin Durant was partnered with Klay Thompson on the night as Durant played without the presence of the team’s star players like Stephen Curry and Draymond Greene who were absent due to injuries.

Thompson finished for the night with his own 29 points and threw in a total of six 3-pointers for the night.

In the past 3 games, Durant scored 125 points whereas Klay Thompson has scored a total of 91 points.

Durant also reached the ark of being one of the seven players in NBA history to have scored consecutive 40 points in consecutive games.

As for Magic, they were led by Vucevic ho scored 30 points with 12 rebounds and 6 assists for the night.

Up next, Magic will play against Portland Trail Blazers on Wednesday night. As for Warriors they fly to Toronto to play against Raptors on Thursday night.

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