Green Bay Packers 17-24 Minnesota Vikings; Kirk Cousins leads Vikings to crucial NFC North win

On the Sudan night football game of Minnesota Vikings vs. Green Bay Packers, Minnesota Vikings under the lead of their QB Kirk Cousins were able to defeat their NFC North rivals by 24-17.

In this match, Kirk Cousins completed 29 of his 38 passes for 342 yards along with his three touchdowns.

Cousins found Dalvin Cook, Stefon Diggs and Adam Thielen for scores as Vikings have pushed their rivals Packers further back in the NFC Wild Card race.

Vikings are now 6-4-1 for the season whereas their rivals Green Bay Packers are at 4-6-1.

Aaron Rodgers tried to gain his team lead but the Vikings impregnable defense stifled the QB and e only totaled in 198 yards for the night.


Packers 7-0 Vikings: Aaron Rodgers made a 15-yard touchdown pass to Davante Adams.

Packers 7-7 Vikings: Kirk Cousins made a 26-yard touchdown pass to Dalvin Cook.


Packers 14-7 Vikings: Aaron Jones made a six-yard touchdown run.

Packers 14-14 Vikings: Cousins made a 30-yard touchdown pass to Stefon Diggs.


Packers 14-17 Vikings: Bailey made a 37-yard field goal.

Packers 14-24 Vikings: Cousins made a 14-yard touchdown pass to Adam Thielen.


Packers 17-24 Vikings: Crosby made a 38-yard field goal.

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