LA Lakers Pre Season Game; LeBron James hit a three pointer at Halftime

During the halftime buzzer of the LA Lakers Preseason game, LeBron makes a high arching shot on Wednesday night game against the Golden State Warriors.

As the time running out for Lakers in the first half of the game for Lakers against the Warriors at the T-Mobile Arena, James pulled off something that only great players can make look easy.

Klay Thompson of the Warriors missed a three-pointer for the team with only six seconds left of the second quarter. Javalee McGee made an unopposed rebound and then passed the ball towards LeBron who made his way to the left wing across midcourt.

This did not seem to make any matter as there was no time left to make a basket; were the thoughts of fans and everyone at the locker room. Ingram of t

he Lakers stopped his movements on the court and Thompson backed off his arm at the sides.

However, James only had one thought on his mind even being 40 feet away from the basket to make a shot. He heaved up a shot and watched the ball sink through the hoop.

LeBron was immediately embraced by Kentavious Caldwell Pope and Lance Stephenson gave him a joyous hand slap with James responded with a smile. His smile seemed to say that “There is more from where that came from”.

With this shot, James gave Lakers a lead of 61-57. James only played for 18 minutes but managed to score 15 points while grabbing 10 rebounds.

Lakers secured their win over Warriors by 123-115.

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